How to advance Science, 12-05-2023
Prof. Elim-Founder of Advanced Physics implementations in small island, 17-5-2023
Prodi Fisika Unggul, , FMIPA, UNPATTI, 30 Dec. 2022
Physics Department with A grade

Founder of Physics department at Pattimura univ.

Founder of  Nanotechnology Research Center & Innovative Creation at Pattimura univ.

As Editor-in-Chief of National & International Journals:

[1]. JAMFAS (2015-2016, 2018)

[2]. SCIENCE NATURE (2018-present)

[3]. PEJLaC (2022-present)


As Editorial Board of International journals:

[1]. IJHMCR (2016-present)


[3]. Int. J. THEO. COMP. Phys. (2021-present)


As Reviewer of Various International Reputed Journals:

For examples:

J. Nanophoton. , Anal. Chem. Lett. Journal of Applied Crystallography, Journal of Materials Chemistry C, J. Math. & Fund. Sci., Optical Engineering

Dearest friends,

Here is Prof. Hendry Izaac Elim, a simple Indonesia physicist at Pattimura university. My field of study is multitasking PHYSICS. The following is my PUBLICATION detail (pdf file).

Have a blessed day, Hendry

About our Physics Department,

@ Pattimura University

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